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What Coolant Pressure is Required?

What Coolant Pressure and Flow Are Required to Operate an Angle Head?

Speed (rpm) developed by the angle head is a function of the coolant flow rate, torque is a function of coolant pressure, and
is a function of both.

The angle head will rotate at about
900 rpm per gallon
238 rpm per liter
of flow.

Under test conditions, the motor develops
1.9 inch pounds of torque for each 100 psi
.03 Nm of torque per bar
of coolant pressure.

To calculate
see the Angle Heads Performance Data page.

As a rule of thumb, in steel the metal removal rate is
one cubic inch of material per minute per horsepower.
22 cubic cm of material per minute per kilowatt.

For a more thorough explanation, see "How Fast Can I Machine?"

Note: the above calculations and formulas apply to our standard product. For "heavy duty" applications that might benefit from higher torque at lower speeds, we offer gear reducers and special motors. Call our Application Department for more information on these options. Our toll free number for the US and Canada is 1-877-435-8665. You may also reach us at (513) 723-1772.

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