Coolant Driven Right Angle Heads. A Proven Solution.

Proliferation in the use of high pressure coolant systems as a machining aid fostered the development of Titespot® Coolant Driven Right Angle Drill Heads, Spindle Speeders, and Keycutters by Eltool Corporation. Compared to spindle driven heads, Titespot® angle drill heads have two important cost-savings advantages: they are indexable, allowing multi-position machining with one angle head and set-up, and their compact profile allows machining in bores and cavities not accessible to mechanical heads.

Right Angle Drill Head
More recently, when the need to machine internally on lathes not equipped with high pressure coolant became apparent, we adapted our compact angle heads to VDI, BMT, and other types of live tool modules. Now, what were traditionally secondary I.D. machining operations such as slotting, keyway cutting, deburring, and oil grooving can be integrated with turning operations.

Since 1995, Titespot® machining and turning center accessories have been the proven solution to a variety of machining problems.

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Eltool’s Live Lathe Angle Heads are now available in a variety of sizes for most popular lathe models. The heads allow what were formerly secondary I.D. milling, slotting, and grooving operations to be integrated with turning operations.

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"The slim angle head design has allowed us to reduce operations and idle time by incorporating cross holes at the cnc operation rather than a detail or jig operation outside of the cnc program. Thanks to the reduced overall operations and cycle time we have realized a significant increase in machine capacity."

David Smith, Lead Engineer, Precise Machining and Mfg.

"The crew at Eltool have been my savior in the angle head world, great product, many options, excellent durability, great service turn around. One of the few companies left that make and service a product and care about that product."

John Biles, Manufacturing Engineer, Leclaire Mfg. Co.

Eltool Products

Titespot Coolant-Driven Angle Head

Titespot® Angle Heads

Coolant Driven Angle Heads are indexable for multi-position machining with one head and one set-up. Our smallest head can machine in bores down to
5/8 inch
16 mm
in diameter. Our larger heads have drilled
holes in RC30 4140 Steel, and milled Titanium
42 ipm
1000 mm/min
with a
ball end mill.

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Titespot Coolant Driven Spindle Speeder

Titespot® Spindle Speeders

Coolant driven Spindle Speeders can increase spindle speed by as much as 13,500 rpm.

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Titespot Coolant Driven Keycutter

Titespot® Keycutters

Coolant driven Keycutters eliminate secondary broaching and keyseating operations in blind or thru bores.

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Titespot Motor Driven Live Lathe Angle Head

Titespot® Livetools

Motor driven Live Lathe Angle Heads allow I.D. machining on live tool equipped lathes.Combine keyways, oil grooves and other I.D. features with turning operations.

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